6 FAQs while waiting for your Beta-hCG result

Although we can’t speed up the clock, it is in our power to resolve any doubts you have during this period of time.

Test embarazoWaiting for your Beta-hCG result is the last step in Assisted Reproduction Treatment. It is a period of 12-15 days during which the patient can experience anxiety, doubts and uncertainties while waiting for her beta-hCG test results.

Implantation is a delicate process that is out of our control. For this reason, and because we cannot reduce the wait time, we can offer you quality medical information to resolve all your doubts and uncertainties and reduce your levels of stress and anxiety. That way, you will feel more calm and relaxed while you wait for your results and will understand what is occurring at each moment.

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Here we have compiled a list of the 6 most frequently asked questions that our patients have while waiting for their Beta-hCG results:

When I use the vaginal pessaries I don’t think the medication is being properly absorbed.

As long as the pessary remains in the vagina for about 20 minutes it will dissolve and properly absorb. If the remainder of the pessary comes out, it is usually the capsule that contains the medication or oil that is used as a medium for dissolving certain medications that cannot be dissolved in water. We recommend inserting the pessary at night right before bed or, if it’s during the day, we suggest using panty liners or sanitary napkins to prevent unwanted stains.

How should I administer the progesterone pessaries?  Oral or vaginal administration?

Both administration routes are valid. We normally recommend using the pessaries vaginally so as to avoid the effects of the first step (passing through the liver). When it is used vaginally, the pessary is more effective as it is better absorbed. Furthermore, oral administration tends to result in symptoms such as nausea, dizziness and drowsiness.

How should I apply the oestrogen patches?

The patches can be placed on skin that is clean, dry and healthy. The ideal area is the abdomen under the waistline (on the front or side of the belly). The patches can also be applied to the hips or the very top of the buttocks.



It is very important to avoid placing the patches on the following areas:

  • Damp skin, or skin that is oily or creamy after applying creams or oils.
  • Skin that is damaged or wounded, or on a beauty mark…
  • An area that is subject to friction from clothing: the waistband or bra area.
  • Where the last patch was placed: alternate between 2 or 3 different areas on the skin, making sure to give each area a week of rest before applying patches to that area again.

In the event that the patch peels off, try to stick it back on the skin in the same area. If this is not possible, you’ll need to discard the patch and place on a new one.

What can I take if I feel…?

We must always consult with our treating gynaecologist about any symptoms we have. We should never self‑medicate, as these drugs could possibly interact with the other medication we’re already taking and decrease their effects. We also run the risk of being allergic to one of the ingredients in the medication that we were unaware of, etc.

If possible, natural remedies can be used; however, your best bet is always to consult with the gynaecologist who will monitor your pregnancy.

I have a dentist appointment. Can local anaesthesia be used?

If you are pregnant or receiving Assisted Reproduction Treatment and need a filling, root canal or tooth extraction, the anaesthesia used in dental clinics will not have a negative impact on either of these two situations. At any rate, we recommend informing your dentist about any treatment you are undergoing in case he/she plans on taking x-rays or prescribing an adjuvant medication.

Can I dye my hair?

It has not been shown that hair dyes are toxic or cause malformations. Nevertheless, we recommend avoiding dyes which contain substances such as ammonia and formaldehyde, as these substances are absorbed through the scalp and could be harmful, in theory. It is best to ask your hairdresser for vegetable dyes – these are the ones we recommend using.

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