IVF without the hormones: IVF natural cycle.

In 20 years working in gynaecology, you realise that although reproduction problems are a problem of two partners, almost always, it’s the woman who puts up with the treatment.

Although we have greatly improved pharmaceutical preparations, for a better tolerance and better effectiveness, for the woman, she still has many qualms when it comes to the hormone treatment to obtain the eggs.

It´s on this basis, Ginemed´s research department has developed an IVF technique without hormones: an IVF in natural cycle.

Given that the woman is in good health, she will produce an egg naturally to be able to become pregnant, and it is with this, we have implemented the technique to recuperate this egg in the precise moment of maturity, just before ovulation.

The eggs obtained have an excellent level of maturity, as their development hasn’t been forced in any way, nor modified in any way.  (They are ´´ecological´´ so to speak.)  It´s true, we will only obtain one egg per cycle, but the excellent quality compensates for this small inconvenience.


In the same way, we obtain the mature state of the endometrium and therefore the receptivity will be of excellent quality, improving the most delicate process of Assisted Reproduction techniques: the embryo implantation.

Subsequently, we have perfected this technique to use in cases in which something isn’t quite right in the female, this was how the initial development of the process started and now we have extended this to cases of low response, in which in spite of hormone stimulation, a low number of eggs are obtained.

Today we are able to say for a large proportion of the couples that require Assisted Reproduction that we have now liberated the female from hormone treatment: improving tolerance for treatments, without results being affected, and furthermore, with the assurance of avoiding hyper stimulation and multiple births.

Additionally, this reduces cost, as the lab costs are less and we don’t need to spend anything on hormone treatment; and also, in the majority of the cases the egg is retrieved in a much simpler process, avoiding the use of anaesthetist. 

For us here at Ginemed, it’s a source of pride to be able to offer to a large group of women IVF in natural cycle (in all women, this isn’t possible.)  That is, it is a treatment without hormones, with assurance, comfort, and at a lower cost than with conventional techniques.  It is for this reason, we are convinced that we are working with a big advance in Assisted Reproduction and in no time, it will be the chosen technique for a large group of women.

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