The days after the transfer

The big day’s arrived.  The day of the transfer.  Everything’s gone well, just the waiting now.  The hours pass, I’m feeling more and more nervous, I’ve got inside of me my embryos.  I’m walking carefully because I don’t want to do anything that can harm this positive longing.  I’m looking after myself and observing everything, wanting to find any change in my body that indicates that the embryos have attached.  The days which pass seems endless and the waiting for the beta grows longer.  Today I couldn’t hold out anymore and we did a pregnancy test, but there’s still three days to wait and so obviously, the result is negative, the distress only increases and I become even more anxious.

To make matters worse, I´m spotting.  God, this is horrendous! What´s going on?

This is one of the real stories that we frequently see in the consultation: the nerves and little spots of blood.  And although, unfortunately we can’t put the clock forward and speed things up, we can indeed help you to understand what’s going on:

The bleeding which is produced on many occasions can be caused by the embryo which is implanting, which can break a small capillary in the endometrium, causing the leak of blood; also, a little bit of spotting can be caused because a small region of the endometrium breaks away as a result of the difficulties of vascularisation, pronouncing the next menstruation; or perhaps, the two things are happening, in the two different parts of the endometrium. So there’s pregnancy, which can lead to a little spotting or to no spotting at all, and then there’s a zone of the endometrium which can cause a small bleed.

And top of this, maybe you don’t even bleed even if you´re not pregnant, or if you are – the circumstances above don’t necessarily have to happen.  A doubt which will only clear up with time, when the day’s right to do the pregnancy test.  But what should we be doing in the meantime?

Wait calmly.  The implantation is a delicate process, which is out of our control and we can only improve it by having a relaxed mind so that in this way the body can function better.  It’s known to all how nerves and anxiety increases the heartbeat and highers blood pressure through the rush of adrenaline (a hormone, which the body produces for defence purposes for us to be able to adapt to stress) and for that reason, this can only be harmful for the pregnancy.

For that reason, we wanted to write this post, so that patients don’t get more stressed waiting for the beta because of a little bleeding, because it doesn’t indicate anything, not to do anything, just wait a little bit more until you can do the pregnancy test; and this time, we hope it’s positive.

Good luck to all waiting to carry out the Beta.  We´ll make it through.

Dr. Pascual Sánchez Martín.

Gynaecologist and Medical Director at Ginemed.

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